joomla betaFebruary 17, 2016 is the scheduled release date for the next Joomla version.

It has a few new features, but is not a huge change.

This is the official release doc (currently version 3.5 is 'Beta' ie available for testing)

and one review of the new features by a 3rd party here

Ian's ponderings: The drag and drop of images directly to an article looks good. Most of our sites use the 3rd party JCE editor, so not sure if it will work with that. Most of our sites also use Imagesizer - so another thing to test. One thing to test is that end-users might upload very large images tending to consume space unnecessarily, and make page load times very slow. Imagesizer does a good job of creating separate optimised images for the site ie rewrites the url of the original uploaded image with it's own resized / optimised version, so it will be good if Imagesizer still works with this new function. Imagesizer is a 3rd party add-on and not part of Joomla core.

As always, it's a good idea to keep your Joomla site 'current' - ie run the latest verison of both the core software and 3rd party extensions that are installed.

We will be updating all the sites we monitor when 3.5 is released (and we do some tests ourselves) Cool

Please contact us if you'd like details of our Joomla update and monitoring service.